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American Cheese is smooth, with light, yellow or orange color. It is cut into square slices and it does not separate when melted. It has a mild taste and is great for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Brick's roots lie in Wisconsin at the end of the 1800's. Its name is from an early cheese making technique of pressing the cheeses with actual bricks. The cheese has a number of small holes and an open texture. It suggests a mixture of sweet, spicy and nutty flavor. Brick tastes delicious with any kind of fruit, crackers, or wine.

Bleu Cheese
This cheese usually has tangy, piquant, spicy and peppery flavor. Serve bleu cheese crumbled on a salad, or on whole-grain crackers. Port wine is the classic accompaniment.

Baby Swiss
Baby Swiss is notable for its light white color, creamy texture and small holes. Its nutty flavor and smooth melting characteristics make it a perfect ingredient in many recipes, as well as a cheese sandwich.

Its flavor (without the rind) may be best described as mildly tangy and fruity. Thin slices served on a sandwich with roast beef are quite tasty. Brie also works well with pastry recipies.

Cheddar's popularity is unrivaled, with the mix of many smoked, herbed and spiced mixes. Cheddar's flavor can vary from mild to extremely sharp and its texture can range from firm but smooth to dry and almost crumbly, depending on the age of the cheese.  Use younger Cheddars for most cooking applications including melting, grating, soups and sauces.

Colby is not stacked like a Cheddar, nor is it pressed quite as hard so it is less dense. So this cheese is somewhat similar to Cheddar, but softer and moister with a mild, sweet flavor. Colby may be used just like cheddar.

Wisconsin Farmer Cheese is similar to Havarti. Buttery, slightly acidic flavor. Smooth, subtle texture

This cheese is usually aged for a few months before it reaches maturity. It has a  mild buttery flavor that develops into a richer tang as the cheese ages. A cheese for all occasions. It is known as a breakfast cheese in Europe and is especially good served with fruit.

Havarti is a traditional semi-soft creamery cheese. It is a washed-rind cheese with irregular holes throughout similar to baby swiss. There is also a version with dill for a stronger herb flavor. Havarti is named after the farm in Denmark where Hanne Nielsen first made it

Jarlsberg is a creamery, hard, Norwegian cheese. The world's most famous "Baby Swiss", Jarlsberg has the consistency texture and hole formation of Swiss but its flavor is more nut-like and sweeter. Jarlsberg can be used as a table, dessert or sandwich cheese. Serve it with wine or beer.

Limburger is a pungent creamery washed-rind cheese made only in Wisconsin. The smooth, sticky, washed rind is reddish-brown with corrugated ridges. The yellow interior hints at sweetness but the taste is spicy and aromatic, almost meaty. Limburger has a legendary aroma which is due to enzymes, breaking down proteins on the surface of the cheese. But don't let its smell fool you it is very good!

Monterey Jack
All Jack cheeses melt wonderfully, and are especially good on grilled or open-face sandwiches. Jack's meltability has made it indispensable for Southwestern and "Tex-Mex" dishes, shredded over tacos, stuffed into enchiladas or melted over refried beans. Serve jack cheeses with beer or fruity wines.

This is a great middle of the road cheese. Mozzarella may be used to top any Pizza or baked Italian dish, including ziti, lasagna, and chicken "parmesan". Bread and pan (or deep) fry mozzarella "cutlets" and serve on a pool of marinara sauce.

Munster which is a white, mild cheese, often known as Muenster. It is a creamery, washed-rind cheese made from cow's milk and lightly salty. It has a sticky, orange, washed skin. The cheese is very smooth, fairly soft and has a mildly piquant flavor that can become quite pungent. Munster can even be found with a dark yellow coloring that has a stronger flavor 

Provolone is a perfect sandwich cheese. Generally formed into cylinders or ball-shapes (in the U.S.), Provolone is white and firm-textured with a mild flavor.

String Cheese
Semi-hard, white cheese with mild flavor. Texture is firm and stringy. It is great for snacking and fun to eat, especially for children who enjoy the chewy stringy texture. Comes in smoked and unsmoked versions.

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